What is L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid partly produced by our body (the liver and kidneys in particular), and partly taken as a supplement. This substance has many physiological functions, benefiting the circulation in particular, but with many others. Metabolically, L-arginine promotes elimination of ammonia, which is extremely harmful for the brain, creating in the patient mental confusion, and is involved in the formation of creatine. L-Arginine is the fundamental substance for the formation of Nitric Oxide, an essential component for reformulating the normal elasticity of the blood vessels.

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Thanks to this peculiar property, L-Arginine, in the form of a dietary supplement, is used to improve vascular reactivity and regular oxygenation of tissues. This allows it to help with all physical conditions that benefit from improved blood flow. Normally, the body can produce sufficient L-Arginine, but in high physical/mental stress situations or certain diseases it becomes essential to give the body the right amount of the amino acid via specific products.
Why choose Zentrum?

The L-Arginine content of Zentrum is salified with aspartate in the vials formulation, named Arginine Aspartate, with HCl in the Tabs formulation, called Arginine Hydrochloride.
What does this mean?

Aspartate, being another amino acid, enhances the action of the arginine, while the Tabs formulation salified with Hydrochloride and gastroprotective makes the Arginine contained in the two formulations almost entirely absorbed by the body (around 80-85%).

The result?

A more effective and complete supplement, which is unlike other non-salified Arginine-based products available (only 30% of non-salified arginine is absorbed by the body).

The dosage?

It should be adjusted according to medical opinion and the type of condition being treated. Clinical studies have shown that the optimal dosages are between 2 g and 4 g per day in treatment cycles of at least 3 months. The multiple possibilities of drawing a benefit make Zentrum products suitable for helping with a great many problems regardless of age, both as a single-therapy or in association with other more specific medicines.
When is it best not to take Zentrum? Zentrum products do not have contraindications, the only precaution for use is for persons suffering from an active outbreak of herpes virus, as it could promote replication of that strain of virus.