Heart disease

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most widespread form of heart disease in Italy and Europe. This disorder, which has a serious influence on health, quality of life and life expectancy, affects both men and women (especially after the menopause) equally. The problem concerns all diseases of the coronary arteries that affect blood supply to the heart muscle.

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Given that the heart is continually active and this constant work involves a large consumption of energy, is easy to understand how the heart muscle needs a good supply of blood. This can be provided only by the coronary arteries functioning correctly. There are many diseases that affect the function of the coronary arteries. The main ones are heart failure, which occurs following the restriction (stenosis) of the arteries so that they no longer can supply sufficient blood flow to the heart muscle; myocardial infarction, when there is a complete stoppage of blood flow in one branch of the coronary arteries caused typically by a blood clot (thrombus). Leading a healthy life, as free of physical and mental stress as possible, avoiding smoking cigarettes and following a healthy and balanced diet can help to prevent heart dysfunction.

Why Zentrum

Enriching the diet with the right doses of L-Arginine (contained in Zentrum and Zentrum tabs) can help the body to synthesise Nitric Oxide, improving blood circulation, tolerance to exercise and increasing the flow of blood to the arteries and to the heart. This makes it possible to reduce the causes that can cause heart disorders or angina pectoris. Before undergoing treatment it is always appropriate to consult a specialist, so that together you can decide on the timescales and methods.


The use of arginine is contraindicated for persons who frequently experience outbreaks of herpes virus. The L-arginine amino acid can reactivate episodes of that strain of virus.